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Mr. Marquez's Story / La Historia de El Senor Marquez


Originally from a town of Mexico called Leon, Guanajuato from a family of 11 he was considered one of the middle children. At young age he was introduced to the trade of farming.  My grandfather was known in his town to harvest variety of beans and raised pigs and cattle for survival and business.  This was by example how my father began his trade of lively hood including the local curriculum that was provided at the time.  As the clock moved forward my father understood the dynamics on how to provide for one self and to assist his family at a young age.  He learned much from his older siblings by example and when he reached a mid teenage year he was able to ride his bike become a local service boy for a his father business to collect notes.  At the sometime he began to understand the value of hard labor and earning each cent even if it took to wash pigs, milk cows and separate beans for sales through the late hours due to my grandfather’s eye for a quality product.  My father when he reached his 18 years he knew he wanted to become someone and that drove him up north of Mexico.  Despite the change of weather and the economy affecting the family business my father knew in his heart he had to make some changes local restaurant in Baja, California that served all the local residents and workers.  But, this was not his dream it was just a matter a time when he would find his way.  His brothers began to make it slowly across to the US legally by visa.  My father was not prepared at the time so he managed to get his papers submitted and wait until he was able to obtain his visa as scheduled.  When his time arrived all the knowledge he had about the US was what he seen on television and by word of mouth like characters...  John Wayne, Laurel and Hardy, and The 3 Stooges..etc.  But, he knew once he made his big move he was up against the thin lining of discrimination and the thick fabric he would need to labor through for the American Dream.  When he arrived to Los Angeles, California he was overwhelmed by the busy streets and the language barrier in which the first lines he began to put together was the integration of "Spanglish" to get him to communicate day by day.  He lived with his older brother and his wife and contributed based on arrangements.

To Be Continued...

About Us:

On Detail:

During our preliminary phases with our clients we make sure we cover the critical details from how to optimize every inch and how lighting can affect the hue of colors and finishes based on the reflections in the room...we want to make sure we cover every possible element on the design.

Our Experience:

Mr. Marquez has rooted his experience and has implemented his expertise and standardization to his fellow employees. With over 50 years of dedication he has impeded his dynamic vision and soul to his business and has built a legacy of craftsmanship to his work environment to reflect on to his crafted products and service.

A Family Owned Company:

is a family owned and operated business established in since 1987.  We  are dedicated to creating custom cabinets for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Entertainment Centers, and Book Cases including Custom Signature  Designs. Every clients work is a one of a kind, and is never duplicated. The cabinets that are created here are tailored to each client's home. Our goal is to provide functionality, quality and elegance at a reasonable price.

Marquez's Custom Cabinets Inc.

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It is important to us that we hold up not only to our legacy of standards and quality of service but to keep our Family Business Reputable to a high respected professional standard.



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