What to expect at your design consultation.

A  free appointment with one of our expert design consultants is the first  step in creating a custom storage solution just for you. Here is what to  expect!

Step 1. To start, your design consultant will ask about your timeline, decision process, and budget.

Together  you will review your space discussing what you like or don’t like about  it, your vision, and potential design concepts. The amount of time  required for the initial consultation depends on the number of spaces  and the complexity of the project but we will adapt everything to fit  your availability and schedule.

Step 2. Take measurements of your space and assess your needs to design the perfect system for you.

We will design and find solutions for every room in the home for review.

Step 3. You’ll discuss your aesthetic preferences from our various product lines and finishes.

Your design consultant will then take all the information gathered and create a design of your space so you can preview prion to taking action.

Commitment to excellence

Our commitment to process & speed

We want to make your visit as productive as  possible. Our customers inspect their merchandise before it leaves  our shop. Here are a few tips to help prepare yourself and make your  visit fast with basic information needed to make your purchase. Our  friendly and helpful staff is onsite and ready to assist with layout  design when you bring in your measurements.

Our goal is to complete your purchase easily and provide ways to make the process faster. We accomplish this by already having:

  • Our huge inventory organized so you’ll find the products you need faster
  • Our products are priced to meet your budget and quality standards.
  • Our helpful friendly staff is knowledgeable and loves answering questions.
  • Our inventory management system optimizes your order fulfillment.
  • Our list of steps that allow you to prepare, select and then order with confidence!

Builders surplus prep checklist

About Cabinets

  • Make a list of what you would do differently with your current kitchen or bathroom.
  • Bring paint color samples and tile samples with you for matching and contrasting.
  • List product numbers and a brief memorable description in your project notebook of products to be used from other stores..
  • Bring in your existing cabinet door or drawer when trying to match pattern or color.
  • Consider the amount of usage your cabinets will receive.
  • Focus on convenience and utility in your product selection.
  • Mark down doorways and how the swing of the door will impact the design or usage of the new cabinets.

About Measuring: 

Need help on how to measure?  When measuring for accuracy, use the tool of the professional contractor – a retractable tape measure.

What do I measure?

Basic measurements are three dimensional.

Height – H, Width – W, Length – L

Measure, then Re-measure!!! 

Accurate measurements save time and money on installation

Measure and make a note of the measurements, then always double-check your measurements!

About Woods:

Alder provides a brighter tone than other woods while not a dense wood; it has a resonant, well-rounded tone.

Birch is a fine-grained pale wood with birch ply among the strongest and dimensionally stable for furniture.

Cherry has a smooth texture with outstanding wood working properties showcased in cabinetry and fine furnishings.

Hickory is extremely tough, yet flexible wood.

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